This is a modern plant installed in 10 acres area. The rice is a staple diet of South India. A greater percentage of the world still depends on rice as its basic sustenance such an important commodity would definitely need care and proper monitoring till it reaches the final consumer. From the time the seeds are sown, we as a group at Poojitha have realized its importance and have determined ourselves to play pivotal role in the supply chain management.


Poojitha parboiled rice mill has started in the year 1970, its expansion started in the year 1997 by installing STATE-OF-ART TECHNOLOGY plant with its technology partners SATAKE CORPORATION of JAPAN.

The group has an exclusive orientation towards quality and strongly believes in it.


A modern plant has installed in 10 acres area with an investment of around Rs. 80million having a capacity of producing around 44000 MT of rice per annum and is expected to expand in the near future keeping pace with the requirement of the market both domestically as well as internationally. We produce Hygienic, Safe and Clean Rice meeting the International Standards.


Paddyzz stores started in the year 2002 is a subsidiary company of Poojitha Par boiled rice mills which plans to lead into organised retail market. It is having a modem store layout with colourful ambiance. Stores main core is to give good quality of Sona masuri rice throughout the year to the customer with best quality and best price.


A cold storage with a capacity of around 3000MTS.The storage has the exclusive Facility of maintaining a temperature of aroun 1 degree centigrade to 5 degree Centigrade. The storage h become a boon to the farmers and the agricultural Communiti within the state, in helping them utilize the warehousing facilities and Preserve their produce for a considerably long duration Within the state. Pavitra stores all the perishables like apples oranges, litchi, tamarind, chillies, jaggery, yeast, edible oils mango pulp, dry fruits etc.

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